Shape the Future

We’re creating two new unitary councils in Northamptonshire – North Northamptonshire Council and West Northamptonshire Council. It’s an incredibly exciting and positive change. It’ll allow us to provide more efficient service delivery for our residents and business, improve outcomes and increase value for money.

Our primary goal is to put our residents right at the heart of our plans. So, while we’re going to operate independently, we’ll also work in harmony. This way we can get the best out of our services, including creating a Children’s Service Trust that will act on behalf of the two new unitary councils.

But we’re also focusing on innovation. The creation of two new councils is a chance for us to do things differently and improve what’s gone before. We’re not afraid to make bold decisions and do things differently. It’s all about doing the right thing – now, and for the future.

Watch our short video on the next phase of unitary preparations; safe and legal plus and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Join us on our Journey                            


Theresa Grant, Chief Executive of Northamptonshire
County Council and Strategic Delivery
Director for the Unitary Programme

Cllr Ian McCord, Leader of West
Northamptonshire Shadow Authority

Cllr Russell Roberts, Leader of North Northamptonshire Shadow Authority

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